We have gained confidence through our experience.

Please review the projects we delivered.

We have gained confidence through our experience.
Please review the projects we delivered.

Selected projects

Encrypted data-at-rest security system including dedicated SSD

24/7 Data-At-Rest top security SSD drive. Mobile phone usability.


Medical and industrial imaging equipment

High speed acquisition and communication medical and industrial imaging device.


Components for Curium One satellite

Key elements development for a high definition 360° camera.


A platform for an RTLS system dedicated to AGVs

UWB and WiFi-based platform for RTLS systems used for industrial AGVs.


Confidential projects

Unfortunately, we cannot make any information about these projects publicly available.



Embevity is a strong and reliable partner for our Curium satellite mission, launching in 2023 mission on the Ariane 6 maiden flight. They develop key elements for our GPU powered 360°, high-definition camera solution and provide great engineering input to make this mission even better. We appreciate their support and expertise and are delighted to work with them also on future space projects.

Frank KochPlanetary Transportation Systems GmbH, Project Manager of Curium One

Embevity developed most of the firmware and embedded software for our flagship camera, which is a multi-FPGA system with several data outputs over 10 Gigabit Ethernet. They could start the development soon after we reached out, they are easy to communicate with and always fast to respond to any questions or requests. Embevity not only developed high quality firmware and embedded software, but also helped us debug hardware issues and provided us with testing tools. As a result, our most advanced camera is now running smoothly at high data rates.

Dr Erik HogenbirkR&D Manager at Amsterdam Scientific Instruments B.V.

Embevity commenced with a deep technical review of our proposal, putting us on solid ground. We appreciated their dedicated and diligent approach, and their perseverance, all of which led to a tangible product and a positive business result.

Rosemarie BarberDirector at Labyrinth Drives LTD
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