Gain an experienced and dedicated
embedded systems design partner

Gain an experienced and dedicated embedded systems design partner

Labyrinth Drives LTD 2.5” SSD drive


24/7 Data-At-Rest top security SSD drive. Mobile phone usability.

Have your laptop’s valuable data hidden and secured with a 24h autonomous SSD Data-At-Rest protection system with great usability.
Compliant with NIST encryption standards.

  • Internal or external SSD drive
  • 2.5” or M.2 size format
  • SATA, PCI or USB2.0/3.0 ports
  • Data encryption – AES 256/HMAC
  • NIST SP800-132 DEKs handling methods ( with AES-CCM – NIST SP800-38c)
  • Host independent and remote access control system
  • Data sanitization control
  • Drive autonomous geolocation (LTE)
  • 4 factor authentication (password, smartphone with app, biometric recognition, geo
  • Autonomous security system with intrusion sensors
  • Mobile app with BLE connectivity
  • Independent partitions management


Product design
Hardware code
Application code

Embevity commenced with a deep technical review of our proposal, putting us on solid ground. We appreciated their dedicated and diligent approach, and their perseverance, all of which lead to a tangible product and a positive business result.

Rosemarie BarberDirector
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Embevity has just started a new business life, however each team member has taken part in projects over several years, which has led to building strong b2b relations. We will keep that spirit going and thrill companies with our level of service.
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