We value perseverance,
openness and build strong
business relations

We value perseverance,
openness and build strong
business relations

Who we are - About Embevity

By selecting passionate and experienced team members we have created a great environment for dedicated embedded systems development.

With +20 people onboard we are a team that manages problems and communicates very fast.
Our clients say: “… communication with the team is to the point and effective.”

Edwin Krikke, CTO @ AIRTLS B.V.

Our Mission

“Guided by our deep passion for embedded systems, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge R&D services, skilfully shaping customized solutions rooted in creativity, initiative, and thorough involvement. Our emphasis on quality, reliability and efficient communication guarantees clients a smooth journey from idea to market triumph.”

Our Vision

“To be the first-choice partner in electronic-based systems development, recognized for our comprehensive service encompassing the design of advanced solutions with a multidisciplinary approach. We prioritize solidity, employing technologies and algorithms that secure a competitive edge for our clients.”

Read more on our blog about Embevity’s mission and vision

Meet the Team

Krzysztof Czyż


He has 5 years of experience of being the CTO and member of the board of an embedded systems company.
In 2020 Krzysztof has made a decision of creating a new group that will become a leader in delivering
embedded solutions combined with digital signal processing design.

Krzysztof Bartnicki

Senior Developer

As an Embedded Systems Developer I am mostly responsible for low level firmware architecture and implementation. After almost 10 years of experience in commercial projects I have an opinion of a persistent problem solver and reliable advisor. I put great pressure on overall development process quality and eagerly adapt to new technologies. The thing I most like about the job is the transition it offers from 'how does it work' curiosity domain into 'how do I make it work' engineering experience.

Krzysztof Plaza

Sales, Marketing and HR

I am responsible for several processes in Embevity. I care for relations with customers, seek new ones and take care of the Embevity brand. I am also involved in HR processes and their development, as that is a vital part of life of a services company. In my spare time I devote myself to road cycling, mountain biking, running. I love contact with nature and enjoy reading a good book.

Artur Tobola

Software Developer

My daily life in Embevity consists of C/C++ programming and a bit of snake charming (mainly Pythons). From time to time digital sculpture (also called Gateware) needs craftsmanship.
Graduated as Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Telecommunication) from Silesian University of Technology. In spare time Airsoft player.

Jakub Hajduk

Hardware Engineer & Board Member

I have been designing PCBs from the beginning of my professional career.
The more complex they are, the better.
I am also responsible for coordinating the process of prototyping.
As a board member, I also care about the company's development strategy.

Mateusz Maciąg

Senior Developer

With almost ten years of experience, I love staying connected with both the hardware and firmware world. My leading domain of expertise, the FPGA design, is supported by a good background in schematic and PCB design, and firmware development. Being kind of sunk in both worlds, this gives me a good opportunity to participate in challenging projects on the system architecture level. I have a great pleasure to work with an excellent team of passionate people.

Daniel Dyringer

Software Developer

In Embevity I am an embedded software/firmware developer and hardware designer. I graduated from the Silesian University of Technology with a master's degree.
Electronics and low-level programming are my passion. My greatest joy is learning about new technologies and creating devices that make our lives easier.
I make computers beep boop beep beep boop.

Artur Gut

QA & Testing

As a tester I test hardware and software using Python and automation tools. I am very curious and inquisitive both at work and I everyday life. The job allows me to broaden my technical knowledge, teaches me to focus on details and develops analytical thinking.
Why tests? – a multitude of environments, a variety of designs and the possibility od spoiling anything I can get my hands on.

Anna Tyczka

Senior PM

I am a Senior Project Manager at Embevity. I love managing complex projects and working with crazy developers. Since several years I have been investigating Agile methodologies. My ambition is to implement Agile in hardware development. In my free time I swim, go to the gym or play vollayball with my friends.

Karol Żak

Senior Developer

Embedded systems development requires proficiency in multiple domains. Over the years I have acquired plethorea of skills, spanning various technologies including hardware design, FPGAs, bare-metal firmware, embedded software and even web interfaces. Experience taught me humility, but have not exstinguished the joy of accomplishment and drive for self-improvement. No mater the challenge, I strive for excellence. Wide array of interests enables me to see "the big picture", from single transistor to complex distributed system. After all, our clients seek neither code nor PCB traces - they need solutions to their problems, which I am happy to provide as an engineer.

Marek Pikuła

Software Developer

FPGA developer by day, DevOps engineer by night.
I strive to create high-quality, well-tested and documented solutions in established technologies while actively exploring the new and shiny. Deeply in love with functional programming (Scala ♥️) and declarative UI development (Flutter 👌). For tooling, automation, Docker and CI, I'm your man.
I feel the best in complex projects requiring both system-level and in-detail perspectives, connecting multiple domains from hardware through gateware and firmware up to the software. There's nothing better than a perfectly integrated project delivered on time that serves the client's needs.
In my spare time, I like to play tennis. I also have lots of 3D printing experience, which I gladly share, and a deep interest in space exploration and cutting-edge technologies.

Kornel Swierzy

Software Developer

At Embevity I'm in charge of setting up, building and bringing up embedded Linux systems. I'm really into it, even my gas boiler at home runs Linux. As a control engineer I like to design my systems to be industrial grade. In my free time I enjoy working with wood, reading books and spending time with my wife in our garden.

Dawid Broda

Software Developer

In Embevity, I am working as embedded software engineer, mostly writing in C and Python languages.
My main work area is firmware and software development for microcontrollers and little of gateware for FPGA and SoC.
I graduated from Silesian University of Technology as Electronic and Telecommunication engineer.
Since I was a child, electronics and new technologies were my passion, now they are part of my job.

Daniel Kopiecki

Software Developer

I am a student in the field of Automation and Robotics and at Embevity I mainly deal with writing firmware and performing functional tests of the designed hardware. My main interests lie in the field of my work, so falling into a routine and lack of motivation is not an option. Embevity gives me the opportunity to explore technical topics at the highest, practical level, which broadens the educational horizons better than at a university. I am a free software enthusiast, and apart from work and study, I also play in a metal band and devour science fiction books.
+ several others
Industrial heart of Poland

Geographical background

The company is placed in an industrial heart of Poland. Silesia is known for hard work and heavy industry. Since 30 years it has been transforming into modern technologies area being backed by the one of the biggest and best technical universities in Poland – Silesian University of Technology (SUT). With 22 thousand students SUT is delivering a substantial amount of engineers every year.
Furthermore, nearly 10% of top-managers in Poland have graduated from SUT.

Strong B2B relations

We aim to be at the apex of your pyramid of solution providers; your Trusted Advisor:

To enable our clients to deal with their core business challanges, we build relationships in which we take on the burden of designing and developing embedded systems.

We like to take part in interesting embedded systems projects that are a challenge for our team. We are happy to act as Problem Solvers or Trusted Advisors to help you in the best possible way.

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