We value perseverance,
openness and build strong
business relations

We value perseverance,
openness and build strong
business relations

Who we are - About Embevity

By selecting passionate and experienced team members we have created a great environment for embedded systems development.

The company head and founder – Krzysztof Czyż – has 18 years of experience in delivering sophisticated embedded systems for industrial applications.

He has 5 years of experience of being the CTO and member of the board of an embedded systems company.
In 2020 Krzysztof has made a decision of creating a new group that will become a leader in delivering
embedded solutions combined with digital signal processing design.

Industrial heart of Poland

Geographical background

The company is placed in an industrial heart of Poland. Silesia is known for hard work and heavy industry. Since 30 years it has been transforming into modern technologies area being backed by the one of the biggest and best technical universities in Poland – Silesian University of Technology (SUT). With 22 thousand students SUT is delivering a substantial amount of engineers every year.
Furthermore, nearly 10% of top-managers in Poland have graduated from SUT.

Strong B2B relations

We aim to be at the apex of your pyramid of solution providers: your Trusted Advisor:

Embevity has just started a new business life, however each team member has taken part in projects over several years, which has led to building strong b2b relations. We will keep that spirit going and thrill companies with our level of service.
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