Advance your embedded
systems development

Give your product a boost with our commercial and R&D experience.

Advance your embedded
systems development

Give your product a boost with our commercial and R&D experience.

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Are you building proprietary products, which are based on embedded systems? Do you need to implement new technologies, be innovative and efficient?

Select our team as a group of open minded and experienced people to reach your business goals in the embedded systems domain.
Main Advantages

Why choose Embevity?

We value perseverance and aim to build strong personal and business relationships, in order to understand the issues that you face. This leads to working with you very effectively and productively.

We focus on your goals, concerns and your clients’ perspective.

Our lead engineers, many having a PhD level education, each have over 10 years’ worth of commercial development experience. They can assess commercial viability as well as provide intelligent designs.

We are economically attractive and open to a fixed price approach if this would best suit your needs. This gives you the assurance that, for a given scope, a project’s cost will be known.

Instant access to experienced embedded engineers in hardware and software domains.

Reduction of development cost.

Ability to concentrate on your core competences and business targets.

Long term Embevity support and continuous R&D capability.

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Our product development process
is split into the following stages:








Embevity has combined a fixed-price waterfall development process with Agile tools and Agile methodology.

We keep track of our projects with Jira, Confluence and Git which means a high quality development process for you.

The Waterfall approach allows us to focus on the delivery of the end result in the planned time.


Using the Agile approach allows permanent tracking and elasticity that fast changing technologies need. We value the tools that Agile community has generated.

Embevity combines these two approaches in the technical and business arena.

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