We developed a smart lighting node for a street lamp, which is using a Wirepas IoT protocol to communicate in the whole network of lamps. Thanks to a long process of antenna calibration and proper radio modules, we have manged to reach a communication distance of over 1km in an open space.

Delivered services

Hardware development

Product features

  • 2,4 GHz radio
  • Wirepas protocol
  • Zhaga standard
  • 230 AC supply
  • More than 1km range

“Embevity played a crucial role in the success of our communication device project. Their expertise in understanding our project requirements and their ability to deliver exactly what we had in mind was instrumental. During development, the Embevity team provided exceptional support, responding promptly to queries and contributing significantly to the design and programming process. Their professionalism and comprehensive documentation showed them to be specialists at the highest level. Embevity not only met our expectations but exceeded them, consolidating their position as a reliable and competent partner in the field of embedded systems and communication technology”

Javier Garcia
Innovation Manager at Salvi Lighting Barcelona


Client origin

Street lighting

Market branch

Smart lights

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