Embevity has been developing a second RTLS system based on UWB technology. This time we have participated in writing firmware for a system locating a football on a football field. Using Nordic and Zephyr OS allowed us to speed up the development time.

You can read more about components of this product in our blog post: Creating an RTLS system with UWB, Nordic and Zephyr OS – Embevity.

Delivered services

System architecture
Firmware Development

Product features

  • UWB technology
  • Zephyr OS
  • Nordic NRF5340
  • PPIย โ€“ Programmable Peripheral Interconnect
  • Indoor and outdoor locating solution

โ€œFor refactoring and additional functions for our AIRTLS realtime UWB project, Embevity got selected.
The original design got enhanced with the teams creative ideas, which improved the end result in a significant way.
The distributed wireless sync operates without any master clock, within 80ms. Enabling effortless scaling of the UWB network
Agreed milestones and deliveries are stable and on time. Furthermore communication with the team is to the point and effective.

Edwin Krikke

The Netherlands

Client origin

RTLS systems

Market branch

Indoor/outdoor locating

Main buzz phrase