We are building a location and communication system for industrial RTLS used mainly for people in the maritime environment. The technology can also be used in AGV location and control systems.

The location system is based on radio technology. It consists of a wrist band and a system of interconnected gates. The aim is to protect the ship’s crew in emergency situations, in particular in the event of a person falling overboard.

Delivered services

System architecture
Hardware design
Embedded software development

Product features and benefits

  • UWB
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Wristband hardware
  • VLF
  • PLC
  • OpenWRT
  • Gate Hardware
  • Provide real-time positioning of anyone on board.
  • Detect man overboard incidents and alert rescue teams.
  • Automate mustering procedures and headcounts in case of emergencies.
  • Collect and analyse statistical data on crew performance and safety.
  • Integrate with existing communication systems and devices.

“Special thanks to the team at Embevity sp. z o.o. and codefit for the amazing teamwork, quality deliverables, and unconditional help throughout the whole process.”

Ronny Bakke
CEO & Founder of DimeQ A.S. 


Client origin

Marine technology

Market branch

Human safety

Main buzz phrase