An innovation environment created the right way – DTU Startup Day 2022.

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Yesterday I have been a guest a the DTU Startup Day 2022 in Denmark and it was by far one of the best innovation experiences I had in years.
Over 60 startups have been presenting their solutions that will make an impact on the society in the years to come. As DTU’s Rector Professor Anders Bjarklev said during his opening speech, DTU has a mission of creating jobs and solutions for the society. They are doing a great job at it, which is proven by the numbers: since 2008, more than 700 startups have been created at DTU and transformed into companies. The environment they have created is motivating students and researches to turn their ideas into products or services that are significant to the market.
I have spoken with more than 10 startups and I was impressed by their mature approach to what their doing. I am sure the Skylab environment has a great share in that.

Hardware vs. software

Surprisingly a significant number of presented products and services are hardware based. Hardware solutions are going through tough times due to the sophisticated geopolitical situation and IC production crisis. It seems the DTU startup environment is not afraid of that and is pushing forward.
I see that as an opportunity for Embevity with our embedded systems R&D services. Having worked with  9 startup clients since 2020 we know we can help them deliver. So we are also looking forward to play our role in creating innovative solutions together with DTU’s startups.

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