Embevity has become a member of the Nordic Design Partner Network

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We are happy to share the news of Embevity becoming a partner of Nordic Semiconductors in the field of embedded systems design with the use of Nordic MCUs.

We have several years of experience working with nRFs and have delivered various applications for our clients where the use of Nordic MCUs, sometimes joined with Zephyr RTOS gave significant benefits.

We appreciate working with Nordic MCUs for various reasons. We have had experience with several manufacturers before we have moved to Nordic and we have to admit we have been enjoying that move ever since because:

  • Nordic delivers well developed and clearly organized documentation
  • It is easy to implement the libraries that Nordic provides
  • The response to our requests raised in the public and private channels has been very fast
  • Nordic has a good relation with the Bluetooth organization thus new technologies appear fast in Nordics ICs
  • Development kits access was very good

Congratulations to the Team that has devoted their years of development on the Nordics.

Contact usΒ to learn more about ourΒ embedded development skills with the use of Nordic MCUs.