We developed a data-at-rest security system based on an innovative SSD drive with encryption for a UK based company. Compliant with NIST encryption standards and equipped with several unique functionalities.

Delivered services

System architecture
Firmware Development
Hardware Design
Data security

Product features

  • Internal or external SSD drive
  • 2.5” or M.2 size format
  • SATA, PCI or USB2.0/3.0 ports
  • Data encryption – AES 256/HMAC
  • Independent partitions management
  • Mobile app with BLE connectivity
  • NIST SP800-132 DEKs handling methods ( with AES-CCM – NIST SP800-38c)
  • Host independent and remote access control system
  • Data sanitization control
  • Drive autonomous geolocation (LTE)
  • 3 factor authentication (password or biometric recognition, smartphone with app, geo
  • Autonomous security system with intrusion sensor

β€œEmbevity started with a deep technical due diligence of our product putting us on solid ground. We appreciate their dedicated approach and perseverance leading to tangible product and business results.”

Rosemarie Barber
Director at Labyrinth Drives LTD

United Kingdom

Client origin

Data security

Market branch

HW Encryption

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