The project aimed to design IP for a multi-FPGA system for high-speed data acquisition from a specialized CMOS sensor used in X-ray imagery. We integrated customized IP decoding sensor interfaces and developed packetizing and transmission techniques over eight 10 Gigabit Ethernet channels, enabling an uninterrupted stream of X-ray images at a rate of thousands of frames per second. The system’s central unit with a custom softwore coordinates the subsidiary FPGAs, providing the proper synchronization and control interface.

Acquisition software has been designed, implemented, and optimized to meet the highest performance requirements of industrial and medical imaging. The configuration and build process of the embedded Linux system have been tailored for the dedicated hardware platform and fully automated. 

Delivered services

FPGA Development
Embedded software
System integration
High-speed design

Product features

  • High speed data processing
  • Zync 7000, ARTIX 7
  • High speed communication – 10 Gbit Ethernet
  • Industrial and medical imaging standard
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“Embevity developed most of the firmware and embedded software for our flagship camera, which is a multi-FPGA system with several data outputs over 10 Gigabit Ethernet. They could start the development soon after we reached out, they are easy to communicate with and always fast to respond to any questions or requests. Embevity not only developed high quality firmware and embedded software, but also helped us debug hardware issues and provided us with testing tools. As a result, our most advanced camera is now running smoothly at high data rates.”

Dr Erik Hogenbirk
R&D Manager at Amsterdam Scientific Instruments B.V.

The Netherlands

Client origin

Industrial imaging

Market branch

X-ray camera

Main buzz phrase