In our first space project approach we have been taking care of image acquisition, interface conversion and video pipeline. Β That included integration of FPGA gateware with Linux driver and GStreamer video pipeline. All of that was bound by the control software package. Curium One will be launched on Ariane 6 pilot launch – Astris kick stage.

Delivered services

FPGA Development
Embedded software
Hardware prototyping
System integration

Product features

  • High speed data processing
  • Sony image sensor
  • Lattice FPGA
  • Nvidia Jetson

β€œEmbevity is a strong and reliable partner for our Curium satellite mission, launching in 2023 mission on the Ariane 6 maiden flight. They develop key elements for our GPU powered 360Β°, high-definition camera solution and provide great engineering input to make this mission even better. We appreciate their support and expertise and are delighted to work with them also on future space projects.”

Frank Koch
Project Manager at Planetary Transportation Systems GmbH


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