We developed software and FPGA firmware (AMD/Xilinx) to facilitate real-time data transfers with high-speed analog-digital converters (16-bit, 1GSample per second) using the JESD204B protocol. The system plays a crucial role in exploring novel techniques for continuous-variable quantum key distribution (CV-QKD).Β 

The software part involved developing a custom kernel driver for the AMD/Xilinx XDMA IP Core to fully utilize its potential, which was necessary for real-time data transfers. The kernel driver was used in a user-space application that directly transferred data to/from the NVMe drive.

In brief,Β the project consisted of implementation of real-time data streaming in a chain based on: NVME SSD drive – PCIe – nVidia Xavier – PCIe – Xilinx Kintex Ultrascale – JESD204B – 16bit 1 GSample ADC/DAC.Β The next phase focuses on advanced algorithms for decoding quantum states transmitted through an optical fiber.

Delivered services

Software development
System architecture
FPGA development

Product features

  • Xilinx Kintex Ultrascale with high accurate and high speed (16-bit 1 GSample) ADC/DAC FMC board
  • nVidia Xavier
  • NVMe SSD high thoughput direct read/write data (matching ADC/DAC speeds) – using io_uring
  • Custom kernel driver for Xilinx XDMA IP
  • Managing FPGA IP Core via Python and time-ciritical data collecting with C++, interfacing with each other with RPC (capnproto)

β€œWe have selected Embevity to support the DTU CryptQ scientific project, which will deliver continuous variable quantum key distribution (CV-QKD) hardware. We needed a partner who has good experience in FPGA programming, but also one that has research experience to handle the upcoming deployment of algorithms designed in Matlab.

Embevity coped with the project with very good skill level and transparent communication and project control. We are happily continuing to phase 2, which is even more complicated.”

Dr Tobias Gehring
Associate Professor, Department of Physics Β· Quantum Physics and Information Technology Β· Center for Macroscopic Quantum States


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Transmission Cryptography

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