We have designed a Rigid Flex PCB for a wearable product

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We recently designed the second version of the PCB for the wearable product. We used rigidflex technology to make it as small as possible, lightweight, easy to install and resistant to vibrations and harsh conditions.

A rigid-flex PCB is a printed circuit board that combines both flexible and rigid board technologies in an application. It usually consists of multiple layers of flexible circuit substrates attached to one or more rigid boards externally and/or internally, depending on the design of the application.

Although rigid-flex PCBs are not the cheapest to manufacture, there are huge benefits to choosing this solution, especially for wearable devices.

If you need to stack PCB layers on top of each other and keep the stack height within given limits, a rigid flex will do the job. In addition, it allows you to get rid of connectors that are risky in a vibrating environment.

The example we present below is a wearable product equipped with 4 radio technologies: VLF, Bluetooth, UWB and NFC.

Below you can find the picture of the prototype wristbands that are equipped with the above rigid-flex PCB.

Congratulations to Jakub and thanks to YJY Circuit Technology Co., Ltd for their support and for delivering the prototypes.

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