We have participated in TechBBQ in 2023 in Copenhagen

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We sent our scout Krzysztof Plaza to TechBBBQ to find out what is going on in the tech industry in the Nordic area. It was the first time that Embevity was present at that event in Copenhagen, for which we have a big sentiment.

TechBBQ has a big attendance nowadays and there are very interesting discussions to be listened to on various stages, dedicated to startup problems, tech, life sciences or social sciences. There are pitch competitions to look at and various exhibitors to talk to. Our main interest was to do a bit of networking.

Krzysztof listened to 2 panel discussions on creating a better startup growth environment and about not letting the unicorns move overseas.

The Nordic countries seem to lead in Europe in terms of stimulating young entrepreneurs. Looks like the Eastern Europe is far behind.

The conclusions from the 2 panels:

1) EU countries and institutions need to work jointly on creating a better entrepreneurial climate – #TechBBQ being an example.

2) Young people are the ones that will be creating our future. They need to be motivated and taught the entrepreneurial and leadership mindset and skills.

3) Universities, institutions and established companies should stimulate young people by creating an ecosystem right where the talent is growing – at the universities.

4) Nordic countries would like to open the door for talents from abroad. Well that is good for them, could be bad for countries like Poland.

5) There should be extra tax and loans stimulation.

Eastern Europe being behind should at least follow the Nordics and get moving.

Networking at TechBBQ

ThechBBQ is a very good place for networking, however it is more a place for startups and VCs. We had a fare share of meetings with startups and other contacts. However, it is hard to call the outcome a big success. A service company like Embevity is a good partner for startups that are doing more than pitching an idea, for startups who are already developing their products, which are based on electronics and embedded systems.

Overall there have been thousands of meetings, which created opportunities for many people to find partners, VCs or a startup to invest in.

It is a good event and a not a very expensive one. We are now considering visiting Slush to have a comparison. The admission there is a bit more expensive though and it still is an event for startups rather than for SMEs, who very often turn out to be a more compatible partner for us to work with, due to their maturity.

Pitch sessions

Krzysztof watched two pitch sessions that took place at TechBBQ. Not grading the solutions themselves, we have noticed that the quality of pitching is quite high. It is for sure the result of the way young people are educated and supported during their early entrepreneurship days at the universities in the Nordic countries. There was one pitch which rhymed all the way. First time we have seen that, but not something we recommend. It does not keep you focused on the problem and solution but on listening to the rhyming poem.

Congratulations to Phanofi and Dropla (both in the above pictiures) for winning their sessions. We spoke with both and there is potential we will be cooperating in the future.

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