Embevity Team gave a lecture at the Silesian University of Technology

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WE ASKED STUDENTS what they would like to learn from a company that conducts R&D in the field of embedded systems.

The following questions were asked, among others:

– what does the process of creating products from scratch look like?
– how is it different from PLC programming?
– is it possible to do internships in Embevity? 😊

This is what is often missing during studies – a good idea of ​​what a job after graduation can look like. We decided to help students studying Control Engineering and showed during one of the lectures how embedded projects are implemented in the commercial world.

The aim of the lecture of the Embevity team was to show the process of creating products based on microprocessor systems on the example of a “live” project. That is, one that has entered the market.

Krzysiek, Ania and Kornel had the opportunity to present to the audience both the technical perspective of creating products based on embedded systems and to smuggle some information about how such projects are managed and what risks lurk in them.

Finally, we announced a COMPETITION in which you can win kits to develop your embeds programming skills:
M5Stack Core2 ESP32 IoT Development Kit

They say that the set has a lot of possibilities and is very cool – translating what I heard into politically correct language.

We hope that students have enjoyed the lecture. Thumbs up for the Embevity team.

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