We have become an AMD-Xilinx Adaptive Computing Partner

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We are proud to inform that we have become an AMD-Xilinx Adaptive Computing Partner. Although this is a new thing for Embevity the experience of our team within Xilinx FPGAs reaches many years. We hope this will generate bigger awareness of our capabilities and the level of our skills.

Alongside our experience of using AMD-Xilinx components we can add our wide Digital Signal Processing skills, which together with hardware and embedded system architecture design and development provide a complete package of services for our clients.

Just to give a bit more insight into our experience, here is a short list of FPGA-based projects we have been recently working on:

1) Designing a complete demodulation path for a coherent receiver of an optical signal involving advanced DSP like non-linear Kalman filtering. Technology: AMD Kintex UltraScale, 1 Gsps ADCs/DACs/JESD204b, Domain: Quantum Key Distribution systems.

2) Implementation of algorithms for phase-state demodulation of optical signal. Technology: AMD Artix-7, AMD Zynq UltraScale+, Domain: optical interrogation systems, precision vibration/acoustics sensing.

3) Implementation of data path carrying X-ray data frames over the 8 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports. Technology: Artix-7, Zynq 7000, Domain: medical imaging

We are eager to take on new challenges related to the development of AMD-Xilinx-based products. We are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge R&D services, skillfully shaping customized solutions rooted in creativity, initiative, and thorough involvement.

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